G7 Summit

This summer, the time has finally come. Germany was the host of G7. Lukas and I went to Munich to catch the aircrafts of the ministers.

Friday 24.06.: School was out, I went to the train station, where my mother was already waiting for me to give me my suitcase. Immediately my train came and the first step to G7 was done. After about 3 hours I arrived in Munich where a friend was already waiting for me who brought the things to the hotel with me. Our hotel room was a dream. A very large room with a nice bathroom. We went to the hotel restaurant and met with other friends with whom we discussed for the course of the day. Afterwards we finally went to the spot on the southern runway. There we took the first planes but we still wanted to go to the northern runway to get the Finnair A350. But also here we could not stay long because my appetite was too big to continue our work. That's why we went to the ,,Airbräu’’ and ate delicious. At 9 pm Lukas came to us and we could drive relaxed to the hotel. We actually needed a lot of sleep so that we are fit for the next few days but we had to get up early on Saturday morning to spot the first planes.

Saturday 25.06.: Our first alarm clock went by arrangement at 6 o'clock but we called our other friends who were in other hotel rooms and came to the conclusion that we will only be on the road from 8 o'clock because it still rains before. So it started at 8 o'clock and the first planes were not long in coming. So our first aircraft of the day was a special paint from China Airlines on the beautiful Boeing 777. But in the course of the day the heat rose and we got tired, which is why we had to take a lunch break at the ice cream parlor around noon. From there, however, you could make very nice banking shots. The heat rose and the actual G7 traffic came only in the evening. Olaf Scholz landed in his Global 5000 from Berlin at 5 p.m. on time. This was followed by a C-32 of the US Air Force. Another 3 hours later, Emanuel Macron arrived with his planes. But the guest for whom most of the spotters were there was waiting for him and the sun went down in the meantime. Actually, we wanted to eat something in the time, but we arrived at the restaurant and at that moment the Air Force One appeared again on the radar. We knew that it couldn't take much longer and we had to go straight back to the spot to secure the best place. Shortly after our arrival at the parking deck, the police also came who fortunately allowed us to stay on the parking deck to take pictures. Meanwhile it was dark and the Airforce one gently touched down in Munich on the southern runway. A goosebumps moment for every spotter. We were all very tired but knew that it has to start tomorrow very early because the Indian Air Force B777 should come early.

Sunday 26.06.: At 4 o'clock our alarm clock went off and it had to start early because at 5 o'clock the Indian Minister should land. So we drove directly to the parking deck where the first plane of the day was the Indian B777. After Boris Johnson and the Canadian minister also arrived, we decided to change the spot to get the Japanese B777 well. This also worked out well and it suddenly surprised us a Boeing 737 from the South African Air Force. With this, other friends arrived with whom we spent the rest of the day. In the course of the day we got some interesting things like the Italian Minister in an A319 and the Argentine President in an A330 and also Senegal Government with an A320Neo. But the last G7 guest arrived in the evening at 7 pm. These were the Indonesians who also arrived with a B777. After this pretty plane, we were able to go home after a very exhausting weekend. At the weekend about 3000 pictures were taken with which I am mostly very satisfied. Overall, you can say that it was a very great weekend with many nice people and a great community.

Written by Max(@aviation05)