Volkel Visit

On the first November day Maxi and Lukas visited the Volkel Airbase in the Netherlands .The wheater was really Good an we had nice Autumm light on this day. For Lukas this was this the first visit at the Volkel Airbase, Maxi was already in Volkel.
The morning round starts with 1 F35s from 313 Tiger SQN and 5 F16s from the 312 SQN
In the Afternoon round there were only 6 F16s
On this day also many Helicopters were flying around the CTR of Volkel, because of the Excercise Falcon Autumm 2022 in De  Peel. 2 Apaches made a Mitfield crossing during his flight back to De Peel.
Here are some pictures from  the day :

Text and pictures: Lukas (planespotter_lukas)