Y-20 at INN

On Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. I set off for a destination I had always dreamed of, namely Innsbruck. Luckily we were much closer to Innsbruck due to the Munich Security Conference, so the journey was only 2 hours. I was woken up on the journey by the astonishment of the passengers at a fascinating sunrise with great snow-capped mountains. Arriving on time we went to the visitor terrace and met some other plane spotters. We had now secured our place and our cameras were also prepared.

But why all the effort?

A Chinese Xian Y-20 was expected in Innsbruck on Monday as they compete in the mountain infantry competition in Austria. As is well known, there is always a great backdrop in Innsbruck and this with such an extraordinary aircraft in Europe is of course something very special. But unfortunately we had to do without the light when the Y-20 arrived. But the start was all the better later, when it was made clear what a great setting Innsbruck actually had. Then, surprisingly, an Austrian C130K came for a low approach.

So all in all a very successful day and the next highlight in Europe within a few days.


Text and pictures: Max (aviation05)