E4B at NUE

A generally rare guest in Germany and especially in Nuremberg was this Boeing E4B from the US Air Force on Friday. This E4B with the identification 74-0787 came from Tallinn and brought the American Secretary of Defense who had a look at the military training area in Grafenwoehr. For all spotters, of course, an absolute highlight in Nuremberg, as they will not be coming back to Nuremberg anytime soon. For me it was more luck than sense that I still got this, because I actually wanted to go to Munich for the security conference and my train would have gone before that, but luckily a friend was able to take me to Munich, which is why I still got the E4B.

But the long wait was worth it, before that the weather was gray all the time and no sun. But then, the E4 gives you a boost and the sun comes out. It couldn't have been better at the time. So we were able to relax and drive to the security conference in Munich with the first pictures of a very rare aircraft.

Text and pictures: Max (aviation05)